"Wes Shippee’s sound design complements and supports these singers, allowing nuance and clarity in each voice individually, but then too in those ensemble moments."

-Mike Bevel, DCMetroTheatreArts

"Utilizing minimal effects but stellar sound design by Wes Shippee, the H.P. Lovecraft Festival . . . is a nostalgic throwback to simpler forms of entertainment, and shows that a modern audience can still be taken in by work that is a century old."


-Greg Solomon, The Easy



"So, you’ve got speaking, singing, tapping, and the band, and they all have to balance, no one element drowning out any other. Achieving that balance is a daunting task, but sound designer Wes Shippee . . . did it splendidly."


-Susan Scher, MD Theatre Guide



"The play still captivates through phenomenal voice acting and sound effects coordinated by Wes Shippee, a Drama Desk-nominated sound designer."


-Sophie Kossakowski, Columbia Spectator



"Credit also goes to Wes Shippee for balanced sound design between the players and the singers, an important factor in such an intimate theatre space."


-Jeffrey Walker, DC Theatre Scene



"As the Time Traveller [sic] investigates this world, loses his time machine, and finds something perhaps more valuable to him, its environment is built with aural themes deftly produced and organized by Bianchi and Sound Engineer Wes Shippee."


-Rebecca Nesvet, PhD, Total Theatre Magazine


Click to read Wes' interview with the New York Observer

Concert review of a Moneybrother show with Flogging Molly (Fox Theater; Oakland, CA)

Concert review of a Moneybrother show with Flogging Molly (The Pageant; St. Louis, MO)

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